7 Signs Of Snakes Around Your House

Unveiling the Subtle Clues

Snakes are fascinating creatures that play a vital role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. While many people appreciate the role they play from a distance, the idea of having them in close proximity can be unsettling. If you suspect that snakes might be lurking around your house, there are several telltale signs to look out for. Let’s explore these indicators that might reveal the presence of snakes in your vicinity.

Shed Snake Skin: A Cryptic Clue

One of the most evident signs of snake activity is the discovery of shed snake skin. Snakes periodically shed their skin as they grow, and finding this translucent casing is a surefire indication that a snake has been around recently. The sight of discarded skin fragments can be both intriguing and unnerving, providing a clear signal of the reptile’s presence.

Snake Tracks or Trails: A Dusty Diary

Snakes, like any other creatures, leave behind traces of their movement. If you come across meandering tracks or trails in dusty or muddy areas around your property, it’s a strong indicator that a snake has slithered through. These subtle etchings on the ground provide valuable insights into the snake’s activities, allowing you to piece together its path.

Snake Droppings: Unveiling Clues

Another way to detect the presence of snakes is through their droppings, commonly referred to as feces or scat. These excrements can provide valuable clues about the species of snake and their diet. While not the most pleasant of discoveries, these droppings can serve as informative indicators of a snake’s recent activity in the vicinity.

Snake Holes or Burrows: Seeking Shelter

Snakes are adept at finding shelter in various environments, especially during colder months. Keep an eye out for holes or burrows in the ground, which may indicate the presence of snakes seeking refuge. These hiding spots are crucial for their survival and can be a telltale sign of their presence near your house.

Eggs: A Sneaky Signal

The discovery of small, leathery eggs in your garden or yard could be a sign of snakes in the vicinity. Snakes lay eggs as a means of reproduction, and coming across these eggs can offer valuable insight into their presence. However, it’s important to approach such findings with caution, as disturbing the eggs might lead to unintended consequences.

Unusual Animal Behavior: Nature’s Warnings

Nature has its own way of communicating, and observing the behavior of small animals can be a valuable clue. If you notice rodents, frogs, birds, or other small creatures acting unusually agitated or appearing in unexpected places, it could be an indication that a snake is nearby. These creatures are often attuned to the presence of predators, including snakes, and their behavior might serve as a warning signal.

Sightings: The Most Direct Clue

Of course, the most straightforward indication of snake presence is a direct sighting. If you see a snake in your garden, yard, or around your property, it’s a clear sign that these reptiles are in your vicinity. Snakes come in a variety of sizes and colors, so if you’re unsure about the species, it’s best to avoid any direct interaction and seek professional assistance.

A Balance of Curiosity and Caution

In the delicate balance of coexisting with nature, understanding these signs of snake presence can help you make informed decisions. If you suspect the presence of snakes around your house, remember to maintain a respectful distance and consider seeking the guidance of experts who can help assess the situation and provide appropriate recommendations.


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