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7 Pantry Items To Buy at Dollar General

Nissin Chicken Top Ramen

Quick and Versatile Noodles

Dollar General’s Nissin Chicken Top Ramen takes the lead as a pantry hero. With a quick preparation time in the microwave or on the hob, this five-pack of ramen offers a canvas for culinary creativity. Elevate it with a hard-boiled egg, chicken strips, or chives for a satisfying meal that won’t break the bank.


Kraft Classic Ranch Salad Dressing

More Than Just Salad

Enter the realm of versatility with Kraft Classic Ranch Salad Dressing. While it’s a classic companion for salads and croutons, this pantry staple goes beyond the expected. Try it as a dip for pizza, buffalo wings, fries, or tater tots, adding a burst of flavor to your favorite snacks.


La Costena Whole Black Beans

Economical and Essential

Your pantry is not complete without Dollar General’s La Costena Whole Black Beans. Packed with affordability and versatility, these beans are a powerhouse ingredient for various dishes. Stocking up on these beans ensures you’re ready to create hearty and nutritious meals at a moment’s notice.


Heinz Squeeze Ketchup Bottle

Classic Taste That Lasts

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When it comes to ketchup, Heinz is a name synonymous with quality. Dollar General offers the 20-ounce Heinz Squeeze Ketchup Bottle, providing not only longevity but also the classic taste that elevates any dish. Add this staple to your pantry for a reliable and delicious condiment.


Velveeta Original Shells & Cheese

Convenient Family Meals

Meal planning can be a challenge, especially for families. Dollar General simplifies the process with Velveeta Original Shells & Cheese. Offering convenience without compromising taste, this pantry item ensures that satisfying and delicious meals are within reach for everyone.


Barilla Thin Spaghetti Pasta

Versatility in Every Strand

Raw spaghetti noodles are a pantry essential for their long shelf life, space efficiency, and adaptability. Dollar General’s Barilla Thin Spaghetti Pasta guarantees that you’re always prepared for a quick and hearty pasta dish whenever the craving strikes.


Folgers Colombian Coffee

Affordable Wake-Up Call

No pantry is complete without coffee, and Dollar General delivers affordability with Folgers Colombian Coffee. While some ground coffees may cost a pretty penny, Dollar General ensures that you can enjoy your daily brew without sacrificing your budget.

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