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7 Most Underrated Cocktails, According to Bartenders

Daiquiri: Rediscovering the Classic

Beyond the Poolside Perception

Contrary to the common association with vibrant frozen drinks by the pool, the daiquiri has a much richer history and flavor profile. Bartenders reveal the true essence of this classic cocktail, inviting enthusiasts to rediscover its sophistication.


Vieux Carré: NOLA’s Hidden Gem

A Love Affair in New Orleans

One of the most underappreciated cocktails, the Vieux Carré, found its way into the hearts of bartenders during journeys in New Orleans. Unravel the story behind this hidden gem and the personal connections that make it a cherished choice.


Pisco Sour: A Peruvian Delight

Refreshing Summertime Elegance

Step into the world of the Pisco Sour, a Peruvian delight that captures the essence of summertime. With pisco, lime, sugar, and egg white, this cocktail offers a unique blend of flavors worth exploring.


Paloma: Mezcal Magic

Crafted in Mexico City

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Bartenders, particularly in Mexico City, celebrate the Paloma for its Mezcal-infused magic. Explore the refreshing qualities and the cultural significance of this underrated cocktail.


Martinez: Beyond the Martini

Distinctive Elegance

Despite often being considered the inspiration for the martini, the Martinez boasts a distinctive character. Dive into the differences, historical significance, and the unique taste profile of this overlooked classic.


Chrysanthemum: Not Just a Flower

Floral Twist with a Punch

Contrary to its name, the Chrysanthemum cocktail doesn’t contain flowers. Uncover the ingredients that give it a floral twist, including Bénédictine, dry vermouth, and absinthe.


Jungle Bird: Tiki Time Travel

A Trip Back to the 1970s

The Jungle Bird, a classic from the 1970s, takes us on a journey through time. Originating as a guest cocktail at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton, this tiki bar creation deserves a spotlight in the world of cocktails.

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