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7 Beauty Rituals To Ditch In 2024

As the beauty industry evolves, so do the trends and rituals that once defined our daily routines. With a constant influx of new products, techniques, and philosophies, some practices are becoming outdated, making way for more innovative and health-conscious alternatives. Here are seven beauty rituals to consider ditching in 2024, as we embrace a more modern and simplified approach to beauty.

1. Red Nails

While the classic French manicure has been a staple for years, 2024 is set to see a shift towards bolder choices, with deep cherry red nails taking center stage. This vibrant hue, particularly popular during the holiday season, is becoming a trendsetter, offering a fresh and daring look that deviates from traditional nail color norms.


2. “Blowout” Haircuts

The trend is moving away from high-maintenance hairstyles towards more natural and effortless looks. The “blowout” haircut, characterized by layers that start below the chin and frame the face, is gaining popularity for its low-maintenance appeal and flattering effect, marking a departure from more structured and time-consuming styles.


3. Powder Blush

As liquid makeup products dominate the beauty scene, powder blush is emerging as a standout trend of the 2020s. The modern approach involves applying a generous amount of powder blush to achieve a statement look, providing a healthy and radiant complexion that contrasts with the subtler application methods of the past.


4. At-Home Hair Color

2024 encourages exploring color-adjacent products as a safer alternative to permanent dye jobs at home. Tinted products, such as conditioners and temporary dyes, offer a vibrant refresh without the commitment or damage associated with traditional home coloring methods.

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5. Velcro Rollers

Classic velcro rollers are making a comeback, proving that some old-school tools never truly go out of style. Offering bouncy, volume-packed curls with a subtle finish, mastering the use of velcro rollers can provide a timeless look that rivals newer hair-styling gadgets.


6. Matte Lipstick

The glossy lip gloss trend is giving way to natural-finish lipsticks. Unlike the drying matte formulas of the past, the new wave of matte lipsticks focuses on hydration, offering a non-glossy finish that maintains the lips’ moisture and comfort.


7. Simple Skin-Care Routines

In contrast to the elaborate skincare rituals that have dominated recent years, simplicity in skincare is making a resurgence. 2024 sees a return to the basics, with an emphasis on the effectiveness of streamlined routines that prioritize essential care without overwhelming the skin with numerous products.

As we look towards 2024, these beauty trends signify a shift towards more natural aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and health-conscious choices. By reconsidering these seven rituals, individuals can explore new ways to express their beauty, embracing innovation and simplicity in their daily routines.

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