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5 Best Egg Tart Molds You Can Buy In 2023

Traditional egg tarts feature fluted edges and lovely ridges on the top and bottom. Unfortunately, it is necessary to utilize friendly egg tart molds, and strangely, these may be tough to come by!


To make your egg tarts at home, you will need to invest in a high-quality egg tart mold that will allow you to create lovely small tarts that are uniformly cooked on the inside and outside.

In that case, what are the most delicate egg tart molds to use? First, the egg tart molds must be thick and stiff to assist the egg tart in maintaining its form during the baking process. In addition, it should allow for uniform heat distribution and be composed of sturdy and long-lasting materials such as aluminum or carbon steel, to ensure that it will survive for many years.


Our buyer’s guide on what to look for in an egg tart mold, as well as some of the top egg tart molds on the market, have been prepared to assist you in finding a decent egg tart mold that meets all of your requirements.

What is an Egg Tart?

An egg tart is a little pastry dish regarded as a classic in a few international cuisines, such as Portuguese and Chinese cuisines. A Dan tat is a well-known form of egg custard tart that is often created with a filling that is a blend of egg yolks, milk, sugar, other flavorings, and a pastry shell. Several Chinese bakeries and dim sum restaurants include this particular sort of custard pie on their menus. However, the egg tart is approached somewhat differently in Portuguese-style baking. Pastel de nata is the name given to this dessert variation, which is usually created using a different custard-mixing procedure and a slightly longer cooking time.


Requirements For Egg Tart Molds

A good egg tart molds is essential for creating an authentic egg tart recipe. A few criteria and characteristics to look for in an egg tart mold will allow it to be the best one to use and will assist you in making the most delicious egg tarts at home!


The material from which the egg tart molds are constructed is maybe the most crucial consideration. How nicely the egg tart bakes, how long it lasts, and whether or not it is nonstick will all be determined by the material used to make the mold.


The following are the materials from which egg tart molds may be constructed, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each:


When it comes to baking equipment, aluminum is a common choice of material. Baking pans made of aluminum are typically inexpensive and perform well in distributing heat evenly.

Aloe vera has just one disadvantage: it scratches and dents readily, and therefore does not survive for very long periods.

It is preferable to use thicker metal egg tart molds rather than thin ones when making egg tarts. Aluminum is usually nonstick, making removing the tarts from the pan simple.


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Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is an excellent material for egg tart molds and baking in general. The egg tart molds are carbon steel and feature a nonstick coating, removing the egg tarts without splitting or shattering.

Carbon steel is long-lasting and excellent at conducting heat; the only thing to watch out for is scratching away at the nonstick coating. Otherwise, the mold may begin to rust.


Although carbon steel does not transfer heat as effectively as aluminum, this is not necessarily a disadvantage since it still does a decent job. Therefore it is not necessarily a disadvantage.

Disposable Egg Tart Molds

Such egg tart molds are not ideal, but they do the job if you need to produce a large number of them in a short amount of time and don’t have enough solid tray molds to do the task promptly.


Because they are often constructed of aluminum, they transfer heat effectively, but they frequently lack the correct design. Thus the egg tarts will not have the trademark fluting on the side associated with them.

Once the molds have been baked, they cannot be reused and disposed of properly. Therefore, even though it is inexpensive, this produces a significant amount of trash.

Tray Egg Tart Molds

Instead of separate molds, you might seek fixed tray molds if you don’t want to deal with individual molds. For example, when you buy a tray with many rows of egg tart molds in it, you may bake several tarts without bothering to purchase multiple separate molds.


While using these trays may be more convenient, it also makes it more difficult to remove the tarts from the oven after being cooked. They are generally nonstick. However, it might be challenging to remove the tarts one at a time from the pan.

The 5 Best Egg Tart Molds 

Amytalk Egg Tart Molds

Amy talk Egg Tart Molds

  • Material – Carbon Steel
  • Brand – Amytalk
  • Color – Carbon Gray
  • Shape – Egg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 3 x 1.65 x 0.9 inches

The Amy talk 12 Pack Egg Tart Mold is constructed entirely of carbon steel, both food-grade safe and long-lasting.


Because they are reusable, you can make a limitless number of egg tarts at home without buying more molds beyond this one.

Because the mold tins are heat resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, they will survive the high temperatures of an oven without discoloring.

Considering the size of the egg tarts you wish to produce, you may use the smaller 2.6-inch diameter molds or the larger 3-inch diameter molds.

As a result of uniform heat distribution and a nonstick covering, these molds are a delight to use in the kitchen and contribute significantly to creating stunning tarts!


Cyimi 12 pcs Egg Tart Molds

Cyimi 12 pcs Egg Tart Molds

  • Material – Carbon Steel
  • Brand – Cyimi
  • Shape – Round
  • Item Weight – 12.3 Ounces
  • Is Dishwasher Safe – Yes

The quiche tart pan is composed of high-quality food-grade carbon steel, which has a high hardness and heat conductivity and will not deform or bend out of shape when baked. In addition, the surface of the 3-inch little egg tart pans has been treated with a coating technique, making them strong and long-lasting.


Pie, pizza, and bread can all be based on the tart baking pan, ideal for mini tart baking, small cheesecake, and other delectable desserts like mini tartlets and quiches different quiches made with cream cheese frosting.

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The detachable bottom design of the quiche pan makes it simple to create delectable dishes. It is also dishwasher safe. By using this method, you can remove the dessert from the fluted metal tart pan with as little effort as possible. It avoids cracking and breaking while adding extra cooling and an excellent baking effect.


Due to the round tart pan, no food will attach to the interior or outside of the mold. This is due to the coating procedure. Therefore, there is no need to wet the pan; instead, a sponge or a soft cloth can be used to clean the surface. Alternatively, you may put the fluted tart pan in the dishwasher without risking damage.

Weilan Mini Egg Tart Molds

Weilan Mini Egg Tart Molds

  • Material – Aluminum
  • Brand – Weilan
  • Color – Silver
  • Shape – Egg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 2.91 x 1.5 x 0.98 inches

These are excellent choices when you want little molds that are adaptable in the kitchen and can be used for various baking tasks more than simply egg tart making.


These smooth-side tart molds are made of high-quality metal and have four layers of hard-anodized aluminum on the outside.

This metal warms up rapidly and evenly distributes heat, and it is also scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

The molds are reusable and durable, and they will survive for years in the kitchen with proper care.

They are the perfect size for making egg tarts, but they may also be used to create a variety of other pastries and sweets, either by baking them or steaming them in the oven.


Indeed, they do not have ridges and fluted edges like classic egg tarts, but if this does not concern you, then they make excellent egg tart molds for baking.

With 25 molds included, you should be able to satisfy all of your egg tarts demands anytime you feel like baking at home and producing a special treat for the family! Once finished, wash the molds with warm water and mild soap to remove any remaining residue.


Stainless Steel Egg Tart Molds

Stainless Steel Egg Tart Molds

  • Material – Aluminum, Tin
  • Brand – U/N
  • Shape – Egg, Round
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 3.74 x 2.87 x 0.98 inches
  • Item Weight – 0.55 Pounds

These egg tart molds have a diameter of 3.74 inches, which is somewhat more significant than the standard size.

That means that you will be able to eat more egg tart in a single serving!

The molds are constructed of durable stainless steel that is both oxidation and corrosion-resistant, so you can be sure that they will survive for a long time in your kitchen.


Because they have a nonstick surface, they are simple to clean, and you can easily take the egg tarts from the mold.

In addition to the whisk, the set includes an egg beater constructed of high-quality stainless steel and is quite helpful. This set contains 18 egg tart molds, each having fluted edges and checkered bottoms to aid in the baking of uniform egg tarts over and over again.

Utilize the molds to create delicious egg tarts, pies, tartlets, small cakes, fruit puddings, and many other desserts.


X-Haibei Mini Egg Tart Tray

X-Haibei Mini Egg Tart Tray

  • Material – Silicone
  • Brand – X-Haibei
  • Color – Random
  • Shape – Egg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 11.2 x 8.5 x 0.8 inches

Another option to explore is a silicone mold tray made of silicone. Silicone is a favorite of many amateur bakers because of its flexibility. It is nonstick and simple to deal with due to its nonstick qualities.

Because silicone is more flexible than a fixed metal tray, removing the egg tarts from the silicone tray is less complicated.


Egg tart molds with fluted sides are included in this tray, with 12 molds in total. The silicone has excellent nonstick characteristics and aids in the uniform baking of the tarts throughout the baking process.

Simple to clean and simple to use, this is an excellent alternative if you want to bake your egg tarts on a single baking sheet rather than using many separate molds as you would typically do.

Silicone trays are also available in various vibrant colors, allowing you to match them to the décor of your kitchen!


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Is it Possible to Eat Egg Tarts Without Becoming Sick?

Don’t be fooled by the name; egg tarts still include lipids and carbohydrates, resulting in the little tarts containing a significant amount of calories. In addition, because of the pastry, butter, and sugar, it is considered a pleasure rather than a dish that should be consumed regularly!

Do I Need to Refrigerate the Egg Tarts After Baking Them?

If you do not intend to consume the egg tarts immediately after they are created, they should be stored in the refrigerator. Allow them to cool to room temperature before transferring them to a storage container that may be kept in the fridge for later use.

Egg tarts may be served cold or slightly warmed up at room temperature. However, it is not recommended to reheat an egg tart more than once after it has been made since doing so may cause the egg tart to deteriorate.

Do Egg Tarts Have an Egg Flavor to Them?

Egg tarts have a more akin flavor to custard than an egg. Unlike Hong Kong egg tarts prepared with whole eggs and evaporated milk, Portuguese egg tarts are prepared with egg yolks and heavy cream, which lends them a fantastic richness to the dish.


In conclusion, selecting the right egg tart mold is key to creating delightful treats, and the top five choices for 2023 offer a perfect blend of quality and functionality. Whether you prefer silicone for flexibility or traditional metal for even bakes, investing in a reliable egg tart mold enhances your baking experience. Elevate your pastry game and delight your taste buds with these exceptional molds that cater to various preferences and styles, ensuring every egg tart is a culinary masterpiece.


Are these egg tart molds safe for baking?

Yes, all mentioned egg tart molds are designed for baking. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for temperature limits and usage instructions.

Can I use these molds for other desserts?

Many molds are versatile and suitable for various desserts like mini quiches or pastry shells. Check individual product specifications for compatibility.

Are these molds easy to clean?

Cleaning methods vary, but most molds are dishwasher safe or easy to hand wash. Refer to the product instructions for the best cleaning practices.

What material is best for egg tart molds?

Silicone offers flexibility, while metal provides even heat distribution. The best material depends on personal preference and baking needs.

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