10 Worst Foods You Should Never Have In Your Kitchen

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit might seem like a smart way to have a healthy snack on hand, as it's much easier to carry around a little box of these than an entire fruit salad.

Low-Fat Snacks

Many are labeled as low-fat are filled with unhealthy ingredients—because they're so processed—such as added sugars, vegetable oils

This is not an ideal way to kickstart your morning or indulge in a midday snack. Instead, it's best to buy plain yogurt and just add fresh fruit and some nuts to it.

Flavored Yogurt


"Certain granolas can actually contain more sugar and calories than processed cereals. Avoid granolas that contain more than 6 grams of sugar per serving and brands


Rice cakes might seem like a perfectly harmless snack, but there really isn't much going on with them nutrition-wise. 

Rice Cakes

The problem with the instant packaged variety is that while they are ready in minutes, they're not the best by any means, as they're packed with added sugars 

Packaged Oatmeal

That is the case yet again with the average smoothies containing anywhere from 30-60 grams of sugar. You're much better off making your own and controlling

Premade Bottled Smoothies

This one should come as a no-brainer by now, but sodas (including diet sodas) should really never pass your lips. Between the astronomically high amount of sugar


Agave was often said to be the better-for-you alternative to sugar, but it really isn't. It's high in fructose, which can cause high cholesterol and belly fat. 


You can most likely guess what the issue is with these processed cereals. Yes, it's all that sugar! If you take a look at the nutrition label