Keep these meals and snacks out of your cart and out of your usual diet by avoiding them altogether.

Deep-fried foods

Foods fried in oil such as fries and snacks are connected to the risk of heart disease. Traditional frying produces trans fats, a lipid that raises bad cholesterol and lowers good.


Experts believe that high-sugar diets provide a similar danger by leading to obesity, inflammation, high cholesterol, and diabetes, all of which are risk factors for heart disease.

Sugary cereals

Even foods that seem like part of a balanced diet, like breakfast cereals, can be loaded with sugar. 

Cookies and pastries

Most baked goods—especially those that are commercially produced—are full of sugar and are likely made with saturated fats.

Meat-lovers pizza

After cold cuts and cured meats, pizza ranks second on the American Heart Association’s list of “salty six” foods.

Diet soda

Research continues to mount linking the cola to the development of heart-disease risk factors like obesity and diabetes.

Soft drinks

For many Americans, the largest source of added sugar in their diets isn’t from food, but from beverages. 

Processed meat

 Just six thin slices of deli meat can contain half the daily recommended level of sodium, according to the American Heart Association.