Worst Breakfast Foods for Inflammation

Most cold breakfast cereals are high in simple carbohydrates and added sugars. These options tend to spike your blood sugar and start your day off on a blood glucose roller coaster.

1. Cereals

Opt for more balance by choosing higher fiber and higher protein options to prevent blood sugar swings. Even swapping cold cereals for hot cereals like oatmeal is a good start.

They are full of easily digestible carbs and sugars and don't keep us feeling full for very long.

2. Meal replacement options

Consider a super quick smoothie option instead where you can control your ingredients! Include a fruit or a vegetable to add antioxidants that specifically help lower inflammation.

Breakfast meats like sausage, fried bologna, and bacon are high in compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

3. Processed meats

These compounds have been linked to higher levels of inflammation and traced back to chronic disease and specific types of cancer.

Pancakes and waffles tend to be a concentrated source of white flour, added sugar, and very low in protein or fiber to balance them out. 

4. Pancakes

Every once in a while, choosing pancakes is no problem. But if you regularly rely on them for a quick energy boost in the mornings

Swap your white flour options out for wheat-based breakfasts, and you are already well on your way to lowering inflammation. Whole grains are associated with reduced inflammation,

5. White bread

Whole wheat bagels, wraps, and muffins are just as delicious as their white bread counterparts, but they come with the added bonus of health benefits.

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