World's Deadliest Food And Drink

Sannakji is a Korean dish of child octopus which is cut into pieces while still alive and served right away.


Scandalous for being both a Japanese delicacy and possibly deadly, fugu, otherwise called pufferfish, must be ready by uncommonly prepared culinary specialists.


You've presumably known about Jamaica's public dish, ackee and saltfish, which elements bits of the organic product cooked with salted codfish.


With a name as foreboding as blood shellfishes, you may anticipate that there should be risk implied.

4.Blood clams

Cashews contain urushiol which is a substance likewise found in poison ivy. It causes skin rashes and can be deadly whenever ingested in high dosages.

5.Raw cashews

Consistently wellbeing admonitions are given against eating fesikh, a matured and salted fish dish customarily eaten during the Egyptian spring celebration Sham el-Nessim.


The creatures develop to immense sizes and are arranged entire - in addition to the legs are eaten like in France.

7.African Bullfrog

Used to make custard, fries, cake and bread, the root crop cassava is an extraordinary wellspring of starch.


Found in the wilderness in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, pangium edule is a tall tree which bears colossal rugby ball-molded organic product.

9.Pangium Edule

Biting on a cherry, apricot or peach stone  ought to be kept away from, in light of the fact that they contain a compound that transforms into cyanide in the body.

10.Cherry stones