Wok Ring For 

Gas Stove

Wok rings, also known as “wok stands” or “wok stand rings,” are metal rings used to hold round-bottomed woks in place while being cooked on a stovetop or the grill. 

Wok rings are often used with gas burners or outdoor wok burners to cook food.

Because stoves are available in various forms and types, wok rings are also available in various combinations.

Stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and wire are some of the metals used to make these rings in most cases.

Gas stoves are, without a doubt, the most efficient heat source for wok rings.

 the wok is placed on a wok ring, the heat source must be elevated so that it can reach the food in the wok while cooking it.

the primary role of these rings is to provide stability.

Working with a wok ring on an induction stovetop is good since it prevents damage to the stovetop.

when you’re going to cook with a wok that doesn’t demand high heat on a flat top burner, you should choose a wok with FLAT bottom rather than the round bottom