Which FastFood Cheeseburger is the Best?

1. Five Guys

Right off the bat, just one look at this cheeseburger had us excited. One editor wrote, "Five Guys wins for presentation. This is one THICK cheeseburger."

Another editor argued that the "toppings taste fresh and could be overpowering but the thick patty makes up for it."We all loved the familiar grill taste coming from the patties

Our tasters had almost nothing but good things to say about this cheeseburger. One editor raved about the sauce topping, which we all agreed was delicious. "Secret sauce of heaven?

2. Shake Shack

Another loved the ingredients piled on top of the overflowing patty. "Very high-quality cheese, which I appreciate," she wrote.This is also a cheeseburger that changed the mind of one of our tasters

The Dave's Single cheeseburger is a quarter-pound of beef, American cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mayo, and onion on a toasted bun.

3. Wendy's

This patty ranked higher on the list because of its fresh condiments and toppings and a perfectly toasted bun. One editor wrote that this cheeseburger had "the best bun out of the group."

One editor chose this cheeseburger as her favorite, saying, "I loved this cheeseburger the best! Yummy potato bun and thin patty."

4. Smashburger

For the most part, we all liked the crispiness of the cheeseburger, but to others, it fell flat. Some said that the bread was kind of dry and that the patty tasted too crispy and was overdone.

We all agreed that there was too much bread and not enough meat, and the condiments stole the show. One editor liked the overwhelming onion taste, saying, "Those diced onions though.

5. McDonald's

But that's really the  good thing to say here. Another said, Chopped onions are great. But way too much ketchup. Most agree with this editor's comment, saying there was "too much onion/garlic taste

 The size of the Whopper lookalike had some "impressed by the size and generosity with pickles," but the taste was lackluster.

6. Burger King

One editor said the Burger King burger had a "fat patty, but it tastes kind of burnt." Another said, "All I taste is the sauce and too much bun." Or, "horrible, doesn't even taste like meat."

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