Weird Food Combos That are Delicious

This one might not be for everyone, but do us a favor—don't knock it'til you've tried it.Somehow, creamy, all-natural peanut butter paired with sweet, tangy pickles just work.

Peanut Butter + Pickles 

Despite the fact that they're both fruits, strawberry and avocado don't couple up on too many occasions.

Strawberry + Avocado

There are those who already enjoy ketchup on their eggs; for the remaining naysayers, try it out Japanese-style.

Eggs + Ketchup

Chocolate might not be common in savory dishes, but this recipe proves it's more than worthy of our attention.

Chocolate + Chili Peppers

you're not from New Haven, Connecticut, the idea of topping your pizza with seafood might seem like a sacrilege.

Pizza + Clams

Citrus fruit and olives are no stranger to salads, but they're not often seen on the same plate—at least not in traditional American cuisine.

Citrus Fruit + Olives

If you've already tried Elvis's favorite sandwich (peanut butter + bacon + banana), you're going to love this burger variant, which swaps the banana out for cheese.

Peanut Butter + Burgers

Thank goodness for low-carb diets—otherwise, we might never have discovered the utter deliciousness that is buffalo cauliflower 'wings.'

Buffalo Sauce + Cauliflower

Here's a pleasing food combo with Turkish origins. Runny, soft-boiled eggs ooze onto lemon-garlic Greek yogurt, creating a rich, creamy flavor sensation like you've never tasted. 

Eggs + Yogurt

In the sacred noodle world, ramen is typically reserved for succulent broths with meat and veggies.

Cheese + Ramen Noodles