Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

Order a "Coffee,

 Black" Drinking coffee may help you lose weight and lower body fat. In fact, drinking four cups of coffee daily could reduce body fat by about 4%, according to a recent study.

Go Full Fat

 A new report from the Credit Suisse Research Institute found that more and more of us are choosing whole-fat foods over skim, lite, fat-free, or other modern monikers of leanness.

Choose Red Fruit

They're the best fruits for weight loss. That means Pink Lady apples, watermelon, red grapes, and raspberries. 

Steep Pu-Erh Tea

This fermented Chinese tea can literally shrink the size of your fat cells! To discover the brew's fat-crusading powers Chinese researchers divided rats into five groups.

Take a Whiff 

Smelling fresh green apples and bananas curb appetite and make sugary desserts less appealing, studies have shown.

Become a Cereal Killer

Does your crazy-busy morning routine leave you with little time to do more than scarf down a bowl of cereal before running out the door?

Host a Melon Banquet

While all fruits are healthy, a handful of them reigns supreme when it comes to frying fat and de-bloating your belly. 

Get Yourself Some Fish Oil

Need a little help jump-starting your weight loss (or fending it off entirely)? Your best bet may be to turn to the sea. It may sound a little unappetizing

Make a Breadless Sandwich

In seconds: Lay a slice of Swiss cheese on a cutting board. Top with a slice of deli turkey and a spoonful of hummus or guacamole.

Try kamut

With ancient grains trending, this one will battle quinoa and teff for space at your table. Native to the Middle East, kamut, also known as Khorsan 

Best Yogurts for Weight Loss