Ugly Side Effects of Eating Pizza

Weight gain

Because pizza is high in carbs and fat and doesn't include a ton of fiber (made with a whole-grain crust, and loaded with vegetables), you'll likely still feel hungry after eating a slice.

Making pizza a food that can seriously pack on the pounds. Plus, after remembering how many empty calories end up in a slice of pizza, anyone can resist the urge to pick up a second slice.

Any size of pizza with enough saturated fat to do some real damage on your arteries in the form of sausage, pepperoni, extra cheese, and more. 

Risk of heart disease

This comes as unwelcome news to anyone with a family history of heart failure, or anyone who simply wants to avoid unnecessary plaque buildup around their arteries. 

There are other elements to that slice that aren't doing your dermatological problems any favors. Foods with high sugar contents and high glycemic indexes can potentially

Possibility of worse skin

A correlation appeared between eating carbs and developing worse acne. These results complemented a similar study, finding that a low-carb diet can help clear up skin.

The chemicals used to process pork can lead to an untimely grave due to increasing the risk of a variety of cancers. Red meat on its own can do some real cancerous damage

Vulnerability to cancer

The Nutrition and Cancer Journal found a link between colon cancer and eating too much red meat, which should make anyone take extra caution when they order a meat lover's pizza.

Keeping sodium down should come as a major priority for anyone looking to say healthy, and overdoing it on the salt can lead to some terrible health consequences.

Higher chances of stroke

The average sodium count of a slice of pizza clocks in at anywhere from 600 milligrams to 1,500 milligrams of sodium per slice, so instead of overdoing it on more slices

Eating too much sodium doesn't just lead to strokes. According to the Cleveland Clinic, salt levels can lead straight to hypertension, and you really don't want to encounter

Raised blood pressure

This condition in its most extreme form can lead to early death. So it's best to avoid that extra slice and fill the other half of your plate with high-fiber vegetables instead.

Danger Sign Eating Too Much Cheese