Ugly Dangers of Eating Spicy Foods

laxative effect

It's simply a fact that eating spicy foods is one of the most common culprits behind an upset stomach and diarrhea. 

Capsaicin consumed in abundance can irritate the lining of your stomach after you eat it. The resulting symptoms of too much capsaicin, according to the folks at Healthline, include "nausea,"

"Spicy foods may cause people to break out," Rebecca Tung, MD, a Florida-based dermatologist, told Allure. "When spicy food creates inflammation in the gut

cause acne and eczema

From an upset stomach, acid reflux, or other symptoms—sometimes this inflammation can also be seen on the skin with flushing, acne breakout, or even eczema. 

If you love a meal rich in spice, you may wish to confine it to lunch. "Spicy and acidic foods can kill sleep efforts because they cause heartburn

cause insomnia

According to many leading health experts, eating spicy foods closer to your bedtime isn't advised because lying down can actually exacerbate the discomfort you feel.

According to the health experts at The Mayo Clinic, eating too many spicy foods is one of the things that can irritate your throat. If you're someone who suffers

affect your voice

From acid reflux—something commonly brought on by the consumption of spicy foods—it can lead to not only vomiting but also to soreness, swelling, and "a horse, muffled voice."

"Those receptors are pain fibers, technically known as polymodal nociceptors. They respond to temperature extremes and to intense mechanical stimulation

lead to blisters and rashes

Such as pinching and cutting; they also respond to certain chemical influences. The central nervous system can be confused or fooled when these pain fibers are stimulated by a chemical

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