15 Best-Fruits For Healthy Hair Growth

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Bananas' natural oils, vitamins, and potassium help repair hair breakage and split ends while promoting hair development. 


Avocado, rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, niacin, potassium, lecithin, calcium, linoleic acid, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, treats alopecia, specifically DHT hair loss.


Amla can lengthen the hair development cycle's anagen phase, avoiding premature hair loss. Vitamin C strengthens hair follicles.


Papaya's vitamins A, C, E, and antioxidants stimulate hair follicle development. Its natural anti-fungal qualities heal and prevent dandruff and deep condition hair.


Apricots, rich in linoleic and linolenic acids, can cure androgenic alopecia. Apricot oil also moisturises hair. Naturally softens hair.


Pineapple's vitamin C and calcium boost hair growth . Pineapples increase collagen synthesis and prevent hair protein loss.


Apples inhibit free radical damage in the scalp, encouraging healthy hair development. It includes procyanidin B-2, which increases epithelial hair growth.


Strawberries' vitamin C boosts hair health. Silica boosts hair development and slows hair loss. Strawberry prevents dandruff and softens hair.


Guava reduces scalp infections, including dandruff. It promotes hair development, nourishes, and moisturises hair.


Kiwi contains vitamins C, K, E, potassium, and folate. It prevents premature greying and improves hair growth by increasing blood flow to the roots.


Grapes contain procyanidins, which are antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Antifungals protect the scalp from fungal infections.


Lemon is a great baldness cure. Lemon's vitamin C helps nourish. It helps manage scalp acne, dandruff, lice, etc.


Mango moisturises hair and scalp. It moisturises and conditions dry hair. Mango is rich in vitamins A and C and helps improve hair lustre and structure.


Coconut's lauric acid promotes hair growth [6]. Its fat content nourishes scalp and hair. It hydrates and softens your hair.


Vitamin C-rich dragon fruit prevents photoaging. It helps prevent dandruff by nourishing your scalp with fatty acids. Dragon fruit works on color-treated hair.

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