10 High Protein Vegetables

Green Peas1 cup: 8.6 g protein

Peas are a super versatile vegetable that is surprisingly packed with protein. It is also a good source of fiber, with 35% of the daily recommendation per cup

Spinach1 cup:
5.2 g protein

. It is full of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin C, which support a healthy immune system, protect vision, promote healthy blood flow and more

Artichokes1 cup:
4.8 g protein

artichokes are packed with protein, fiber and many other nutrients. They can be enjoyed canned or fresh with these easy tips on how to prepare them.

Sweet Corn1 cup:
4.7 g protein

sweet corn is a healthy food with impressive nutrition. Similar to green peas, it is a good source of fiber

Avocado1 cup:
4.6 g protein

Along with protein, avocados are a good source of potassium and fiber. 

Asparagus1 cup:
4.3 g protein

Asparagus is a high-protein, low-carb vegetable with an impressive amount of several nutrients. It is a great source of folate and vitamin A

Brussels Sprouts
1 cup: 4 g protein

Brussels sprouts pair fiber and protein with several vitamins and nutrients to keep you feeling full and nourished.

Mushrooms1 cup:
4 g protein

Not only is the flavor great, but also these fungi are higher in protein than several vegetables. Along with protein

Kale1 cup: 3.5 g protein

Kale gained a reputation of being a super healthy food, and its nutrition backs up the claims

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