Top 10 basic student recipes


Fajitas are perfect for entertaining or a midweek meal. Adjust ingredients for taste and budget.

Pasta bake

Spaghetti bake isn't always cheese-topped. Spaghetti, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, and reduced-fat crème fraîche.

Pasta on the hob

If you're too hungry to wait for a pasta bake, try these quick stovetop spaghetti options.

Prepare a typical Asian curry using spices, curry paste, and coconut milk.


Traybakes are a student classic; simply dump everything in a pan and bake. You'll save on cleanup, too.


Ditch the canned soup and stir up your own nutritious broth – the perfect solution to late nights or when you're feeling under the weather.


Jacket potatoes are a great speedy food when cooked in the microwave, but taste their best when lovingly crisped up in the oven.

Jacket potatoes

With rice in the pantry, dinner is never more than 15 minutes away. Brown or wholegrain rice is healthier.

Stir-fried rice

Breakfast's important. Make granola using rolled oats, nuts, fruit, and seeds. Seal to preserve crunch.


Eggs are affordable and full of vitamins and minerals. An omelette for one is a quick meal or solitary dinner.


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