12 tips & tricks chicken moist on the grill

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your grill on low because you’re worried about dried-out meat. Instead, be sure to keep your grill on medium to high heat

Don’t fear the heater

This should be a no-brainer in terms of cleanliness, but it’s especially crucial when you’re concerned about cooking your food perfectly.

A clean grill is a happy grill

Now that your grill is clean, let’s dirty it up again by adding some oil. Roll a paper towel into a ball, dip it in vegetable or olive oil, and grab it with a pair of tongs. 

Greased lightning!

One way to stop a thicker chicken breast from drying out is to stuff it, which not only adds extra moisture to the interior, but it also adds some extra flavor

Stuff it!

If you’re especially concerned about the breast meat drying out, opt for a whole roast chicken instead. Not only does the shape essentially create a roasting rack 

Go big or go home

Try butterflying your chicken first by slicing down one or both sides of the backbone, opening the whole thing, and flipping it over flat.

Butterfly Away

Without getting into all the science behind it (we’re not really the lab-coat types), soaking your chicken in brine can add about 10 percent more moisture to the inside

Make time for brine

If brine isn’t your thing, think Southern and use buttermilk instead.  Different flavor. Like the brine, you should also aim to marinate your chicken in buttermilk

Dare to add some southern flair

Another trick used by some chefs is to poach the chicken before grilling it. The reason it keeps the meat moist is similar to the brine or marinade techniques, except in this case

Double your fun

Sauces and glazes don’t just add an extra flavor boost to your chicken, they can actually help keep your meat from drying out by sealing in the flavors and moisture. 

Get Saucy!

Even if you use a marinade or glaze ahead of time, you’ll still want to brush your meats they’re on the grill. But don’t start glazing right away or you’ll scorch the sugar.

Don’t get sauced too soon

If a whole chicken or large pieces are too much for you to handle (or consume), slice the chicken into smaller, thinner pieces. Then thread these onto skewers and throw them 

Stick it!

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