these foods for a better night’s sleep

Balsamic vinegar

When you struggling to fall asleep, eating melatonin-food may be your secret weapon. Research published in Nutrients Journal suggests that melatonin can help improve sleep efficiency.

Pistachio nuts

Craving a quick snack? Grab a handful of nuts. As you may already know, these treats are rich in healthy fats, but their healthful properties don’t end there.


 If you’re not a huge fan of pistachio nuts, never fear! There’s another fine snacking option that you may want to consider. 


When you’re cooking dinner, there are plenty of ingredients that will give you a healthy dose of melatonin. Japanese researchers identified rice as good source of this sleep-promoting nutrient.


Have you got a hankering for something sweet and delicious? The subtle taste of strawberries is undeniably enticing.

Chamomile tea

The research highlights one small heart-related study, in which 12 participants were given the beverage. Shortly after consuming the drink, 10 fell into a deep sleep.


The next time you’re making a garden salad, be sure to include a healthy portion of tomatoes. According to the Nutrients Journal research, these fruits are rich in melatonin.


Add some colour and flavour to your dishes with some delicious peppers. These vegetables are relatively high in melatonin, according to the Nutrients Journal research. 


Do you fancy this exotic fruit? If you’re having trouble getting the sleep you need, here’s one solution.


Mixing up your diet is a savvy way to protect your everyday health. But did you know that tucking into some fish could boost your sleep.

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