The Most Iconic Desserts in America

1. Chocolate chip cookies

No cookie is more American than a chocolate chip cookie. With very little variety, this recipe has remained basically the same since the 1930s.

2. Apple pie

tuffed with apples, this dessert can be served hot and topped with creamy, cold vanilla ice cream. It's especially good for breakfast straight out of the refrigerator

3. Cheesecake

Cheesecake's crust is either a cookie crumb mix, pastry, or a buttery graham cracker bed. Dense or fluffy, it can be topped with fruit, nuts, cookies, or syrups.

4. Pecan pie

The super-sweet, syrupy Southern treat traditionally appears on Thanksgiving tables, but if you want to, you can bake this pie anytime to get a sugar rush all year round.

5. Carrot cake

A descendant of British carrot pudding, the modern-day carrot cake is a dense, moist cake flavored with allspice and topped with a rich icing of cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar.

6. Ice cream

Buffalo milk, flour, and camphor made up the ingredients of the first ice-cream-like dessert in China during the Tang Dynasty, which started in 618 C.E.

7. Boston cream pie

Combining light vanilla cake, vanilla custard, and chocolate ganache, Boston cream pie is a gem of a dessert. 

8. Banana pudding

Home cooking at its best, the creamy vanilla pudding, whipped meringue, and bananas are layered with sweet Nilla wafers.

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