Oat Bran

How to remove love handles and abdominal fat? If you like oatmeal for breakfast, you're doing it right. Update your nutritious meal.

Sweet Potatoes

Slow-absorbing sweet potatoes keep you satisfied. Carotenoids reduce fat accumulation through controlling blood sugar and insulin resistance.

Shredded Wheat

Look for cereals with the greatest fibre and the least sugar to melt love handles. Shredded Wheat is unbeatable.

Minestrone Soup

Most commercial soups, especially bisques and smooth soups, include sugar or other ingredients. Choose chunky soups like minestrone.

Black Rice

Black rice is high in antioxidants, fibre, vitamin E, and sugar. Antioxidants decrease inflammation and obesity.

White Tea

White tea helps burn fat in three ways. White tea may enhance lipolysis and metabolism, according to a research.

Black Beans

Beans are a zero belly power meal because they contain resistant starch, which "resists" digestion and keeps you full longer.

Corn Tortillas

Two maize tortillas include 3g fibre, 80 calories, and 1g fat. Two flour tortillas include 2g of fibre, 260 calories, and 10g of fat.


Guacamole reduces love handles. A half cup of guac provides nearly 7 g of fibre if no other ingredients are added.

Tiger Nuts

This food is cruelty-free. Tiger nuts are tubers, not nuts, thus nut-allergic persons may consume them.

Chickpea Pasta

Chickpea-based Banza is a muscle-building fat buster. Maize, rice, and potato powder gluten-free pastas are nutritionally insufficient.


Raspberries are the most insoluble fiber-rich red berry.

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