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The Staub cocotte is ideal for slow-cooking soft meats and vegetables, as well as boiling robust stews and soups.

Staub's matte black enamel inside and self-basting spiked lid provide excellent browning and braising for flavorful meals. Each item moves smoothly from the kitchen to the table.

Every item served in Staub, from comfort food to magnificent suppers,
is unique. The top chefs in the world prefer Staub enamelled cast iron cookware.

It is ideal for everyday usage in both gourmet home kitchens and top restaurants across the world, because to its outstanding durability.


Spikes on the lid produce a rain-forest effect, uniformly returning fluids back onto the meal, and the heavy weight, tight-fitting cover maintains moisture.

The STAUB cocotte shuts firmly thanks to its flat lid. Inside, a unique drip arrangement ensures that liquid is distributed evenly throughout the lid.

The cocotte's inside is finished with a matt black enamel with a rough texture. It is scratch-resistant and acid-resistant, ensuring that the cookware will last a long time.

A single cocotte takes 25 pairs of hands and at least 100 separate production procedures.