Small Kitchen Appliances You Can Buy

Milk Frother

A $15 milk frother lets you get your coffee shop fix without leaving your kitchen. In fact, it’s the reason one of our contributors stopped going to Starbucks

Personal Blender

This personal-sized blender not only yields a smaller, 14-ounce mixture, but also doubles as your cup. Use it to make healthy smoothies in a flash.

Coffee Grinder

Every coffee geek knows that the best brews start with freshly ground beans. you can grind enough for 12 cups of coffee any time you like

Egg Cooker

It whips up your choice of eggs: individual omelets, hard-boiled, soft-boiled or poached. Press the button and have breakfast ready in minutes.

Mini Waffle Maker

Think your kitchen’s too small to fit a giant waffle maker? This compact 4-inch version takes up little space, so it’s perfect for a dorm, RV or apartment.


Today, toast is more than a breakfast accessory. Picking up a sleek toaster gives you a foundation for all kinds of quick, creative meals.

Knife Sharpener

There’s a good reason professional chefs keep their knives sharpened: It’s actually safer! This  knife sharpener restores your knives so you can cook with confidence

Popcorn Popper

Looking for a faster, healthier way to make popcorn at home? This convenient air popper yields 16 cups of popcorn in minutes, no oil required.

Ice Cream Maker

You can churn single servings of ice cream, with total control ingredients and flavors. This handy ice cream maker creates nearly 2 cups of frozen in 30 minutes.