Warning Signs You Should Stop Eating Sugar

They occur after your body deals with the sudden influx of blood sugar from those sweets, after which you will feel fatigued even if you never felt an energy surge.

exhausted during the day

That's because excess sugar consumed can not only be converted into fats, but it can in fact trigger a sensation of hunger that compels you to eat more calories than you need.

Your weight fluctuates

Consuming too much sugar is bad for your insides, but it's also bad for the part of your body you and everyone else can see, namely your skin.

Your skin is a problem

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, make sure you consider your sugar intake as a factor, thinking about both how much you are consuming and when you are eating it

You have insomnia

They can be signs of exacerbation of much more serious problems, like IBS, Chron's disease, or other issues that you really need to tend to by, in part, cutting down on sweets.

having digestive issues

Sugar is terrible for your teeth, leading to buildups of plaque and the breakdown of enamel. And as good overall health starts with good oral health

oral health is a problem

High blood pressure can be, over time, a literal killer. The excess strain high BP puts on your cardiovascular system can shave years off your life. And eating too much sugar

blood pressure is too high

Consuming too much sugar can cause inflammation of the brain that manifests itself as depression. It can also cause frustrating and disorienting "brain fog"

suffering with depression

If you find foods that were once quite satisfying bland, it may be that you have rewired your palate with too much sugar. 

can't enjoy the taste of other foods as much

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