Side Effects of Eating Eggs Every Day

1. You'll lose fat

Largely because of their satiating power, eggs have been linked with fat loss.

2. You'll lower inflammation levels

Eggs are a major source of dietary phospholipids: bioactive compounds which studies show have widespread effects on inflammation.

3. You'll fend off metabolic disease

Increasing your intake of dietary cholesterol from eggs can also help reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

4. You'll build lean muscle

Eggs are a great post-workout snack or meal because just one has about six grams of the muscle-building macro.

5. You'll boost your immune system

one large egg contains almost a quarter (22%) of your RDA of selenium, a nutrient that helps support your immune system and regulate thyroid hormones.

6. Boost in energy levels.

Just one large fried egg contains nearly 18% of your DV of vitamin B2, also called riboflavin. It's just one of eight B vitamins, which all help the body to convert food into fuel

7. skin and hair health

B-complex vitamins are also necessary for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver.They also help to ensure the proper function of the nervous system as well as support muscle strength

8. protect your brain

Eggs are brain food. That's largely because of an essential nutrient called choline. It's a component of cell membranes and is required to synthesize acetylcholine: a neurotransmitter.

9. grow stronger nails

They're an excellent source of biotin, a type of B vitamin which research suggests can help strengthen nails. The yolks have the largest concentration of biotin

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