Shocking Food Predictions for 2022

Out-there flours

Whole Foods Market predicts that a slew of super unique fruit, vegetable, nut, and seed flours will be hitting the shelves in 2020

Eating your vegetables in puff form

Biena has a line of chickpea puffs in a range of flavors, from vegan ranch to white cheddar. Vegan Rob's options include spinach puffs

Deconstructing burritos

 The DoorDash Dish, Mexican food was the most popular cuisine ordered  increasing by a whopping 314 percent compared to last year

Seed butters taking over from nut butters

 the star of the show where these spreadable products are concerned. According to Whole Foods Market's food forecast for 2022

West African foods

 a high-protein ancient grain that makes a stellar substitute for rice or quinoa, or the Kuli Kuli Superfood Energy Bar in Black Cherry

Vegan jerky

 jerky has been stealing the spotlight in the snacking  But as the plant-based diet gains steam, too, plant-based meat

Oat milk lattes

the frontrunners in the plant-based milk realm, oat milk has become a go-to for people with soy and nut allergies

protein-based snacks

Portable Protein Pack with turkey, cheddar, and sweet nut clusters, and the Hillshire Snacking Plate with hot calabrese salami

Soy-free plant

Hot Dang Grain Burgers and Forager Project Cashewgurt are just a couple of vegan-friendly options that fit this trend


The Great Organic Beef & Mushroom Blended Burger and Turkey & Mushroom Blended Burger. These blends are perfect for the health

Cauliflower-based foods

new cauliflower-based products—like Ark Foods Cauli Mac & Cheese and Green Giant Garlic & Herb Mashed Cauliflower

infused foods and drinks

several dessert-inspired flavors, and the Forager Project Banana & Date Dairy-Free Probiotic Smoothie.