labor department said their employer filed furlough claims incorrectly


Some staff at a restaurant chain have been told to repay some unemployment benefits, WXIA reported.

This includes one former worker told to repay $28,000 for benefits overpayments during the pandemic.

A restaurant worker in Georgia has been told to repay $28,000 in unemployment benefits after the labor department said her former employer made a mistake in furlough filings.

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The state's department of labor said that this was because their employer filed furlough claims incorrectly in 2020, according to the report.

Kacey Carelson, a former worker at the restaurant group, told WXIA that she'd been told to pay back $27,488 after receiving unemployment benefits for several months in 2020 while on furlough.

"That's half my year's salary." 
"I can't live if I pay that back. I'm a little taken aback by the whole situation."




Georgia required employers to file the claims on behalf of their staff at the start of the pandemic and has processed more than 3 million claims for unemployment.

But small mistakes in the filings, like a misspelling or an incorrect social-security number, could lead to unintentional fraud and a potential overpayment of unemployment benefits, Cartwright said.

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