We won’t tell if you put ranch on these 25 foods

1. Avocado toast

You’ve heard of avocado-ranch dressing, right? If so, then putting the condiment on avocado toast isn’t much of a stretch.

2. Burgers

Pass on ketchup, mustard, or BBQ sauce the next time you grill up some burgers, and opt for ranch dressing instead.

3. Chicken fingers

Save the ketchup for the fries and forget the honey mustard and BBQ sauce, because chicken fingers, tenders, or nuggets taste best when dipped in delicious ranch dressing.

4. Chips

Potato chips and ranch dip have been getting cozy together for decades so simply putting ranch dressing on your sliced spuds isn’t much of a stretch.

5. Eggs

Some people swear by substituting a dollop of sour cream for a splash of milk when making scrambled eggs, but substituting ranch? That’s a different ballgame.

6. French fries

You already probably know a friend or two that dips their fries in ranch and swears by it. You might even do it yourself! 

7. Grilled cheese

We’ve heard of dipping grilled cheese in tomato soup, marinara, ketchup, or BBQ sauce, but ranch takes it in a whole different direction. And the combo totally works!

8. Hot dogs

A squirt of ranch is all you need to top your next hot dog. you could mix the dressing with a mayo-based coleslaw, because as a general rule: the messier the hot dog, the better it tastes.

9. Mac and cheese

If squirting ranch dressing on mac & cheese puts you off (we don’t really blame you), try using a packet of the mix instead, and combining it before baking

10. Onion rings

We’re pretty sure it’s a rule of nature that anything that’s okay for french-fry-dipping is also okay for onion-ring-dipping.