Most Popular Slow Cooker Dish in Every State

Missouri - Brisket

A large, tougher cut of meat, brisket is perfect made in the slow cooker. Try our recipe for Low-Calorie Braised Brisket

Montana - Chili

In Montana, folks are cooking classic chili in the slow cooker.

Nebraska - Pork Chops

The cooks in Nebraska have gotten the memo on cooking pork chops in the slow cooker.

Nevada - Corned Beef

In Nevada, home cooks are tossing corned beef and cabbage into the slow cooker.

New Hampshire - Meatballs

New Hampshire is one of two states using the slow cooker to make perfect, tender meatballs. 

New Jersey - Pea Soup

What do New Jersey and Florida have in common? Cooks in both states are stirring up pea soup in their slow cookers.

New York - French Onion Soup

In New York, chances are someone is simmering a big slow cooker full of French onion soup right now.

North Carolina - BBQ Chicken

The folks in North Carolina know barbecue, and if they say it's okay to make a big pot of barbecue chicken in the slow cooker, we believe them. 

North Dakota - Mashed Potatoes

Rejoice! There's no need to boil potatoes to make perfect mashed potatoes, you can use the slow cooker. If you're making tons of mashed potatoes for a crowd.

Ohio - Mac and Cheese

In Ohio, they're skipping the tedious step of boiling macaroni for this fan-favorite dish and tossing all of the ingredients in the slow cooker. Here's a lighter version