Popular Drinks You Should Avoid

Fruit Juice

Many bottles of juice we commonly find on shelves rely on a watered-down concentrate mixed with water to form the beverage, and contain

Energy Drinks

You may love the pep you can get from a can of our favorite energy drink, but these beverages combine sugar and stimulants into a cocktail that proves dangerous over time.

Diet Soda

Experts have found that like their sugary counterparts, diet sodas also have the potential to cause obesity and may present a variety of unstudied health issues,

Sports Drinks

 juice and energy drinks, sports drinks pack in as much sugar as a can of soda, making them a challenge to enjoy if you need to watch your carb intake.

High Fructose Smoothies

High fructose smoothies pack in more sugar than needed due to high fruit content which can pack on some unnecessary weight compared to a smoothie that mixes vegetables

Sugary coffee drinks

Avoid sugary syrups and whipped toppings. Plus, though they contain caffeine, you'll feel an extra crash and burn once the sugar high wears off.

Sweetened nut milks

We love a good plant-based milk, but unless you're purchasing the unsweetened version, most varieties are typically just packing in extra sugar to enhance flavor.

Premixed alcoholic beverages

Premixed cocktails are essentially a hangover in a bottle. The combination of added sugar, preservatives and alcohol can only expedite the dehydration

Pre-made protein shakes

Take a look at the ingredient list of most protein shakes and you may be shocked to find they are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives