Never Eat These Foods In the Morning

Starting your day off with a bowl of cereal is likely setting you up to feel hungry soon after as most cereals are made with refined flour, meaning they are low in fiber

1. Sugary Breakfast Cereal

sausage isn't the most nutritious morning option. Sausage is made from ground meats, fat, spices, flavorings, and binders.Sausage tends to be high in sodium,high in saturated fat.

2. Sausage

Refined white bread sets your blood sugar on a roller coaster of a quick up and then crashing down.Your best bet is sprouted whole grain bread to have that avocado toast on

3. Wheat Bread

Most flavored coffee drinks are high in calories and sugar and contain little to no other nutrition

4. Flavored Coffee Drinks

When you make juice, you remove all the fiber but still get all the sugar and calories. Drinking a glass of orange juice is equal to eating about 5-6 oranges and over 300 calories!

5. Fruit Juice

many muffins, especially ones you buy at a coffee shop or the grocery store, have more calories, saturated fat, and sugar than some cupcakes

6. Bakery-style Muffins

Toaster pastries tend to be made from refined grains, they are typically high in sugar, contain no real fruit and are low in protein.

7. Toaster Pastries

Most coffee shops serve plant-based milk that's low in protein and pre-sweetened.Even though the caffeine may give you an energy boost.

8. Coffee Shop Plant-Based Latte

it is high in carbohydrates but low in fiber. Therefore it digests quickly, leaving you hungry shortly after and looking for something else to eat

9. Dry Cereal

steer clear of fat-free flavored yogurts as most brands make up for the lack of fat by adding more sugar.

10. Fat-free Flavored Yogurt

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