most iconic American sandwiches


Torta de adobada (spicy meat), milanesa (cutlet) or huevo (eggs) smothered in avocado, tomatoes, peppers on a soft roll – any Los Angeles taco-stand fan knows.

Pimento Sandwich

The Pimento sandwich, a simple hot sandwich with delicious pimento cheese between two slices of buttered Texas toast puts every other grilled cheese to shame.


The Muffaletta (or Muffuletta, depending on who you ask) sandwich is said to originate at New Orleans' Central Grocery, and we all owe them a Wookiee life debt for their work.

Hot Brown

Kentucky's Hot Brown has more in common with a plate of eggs Benedict than it does with any of the other sandwiches on this list, but to leave this luxurious marriage of turkey


Louisiana makes their second appearance on this list with their Po' boy, which provides Americans with the ideal way in which to eat fried catfish or shrimp

The Cuban

The USA gets to take credit for its perfect mix of pulled pork, ham, cheese, mustard, and homemade pickles atop a toasted Cuban loaf. Mmmmmm.

French Dip

In Los Angeles, there is a bitter debate of who came up with the French Dip sandwich first; Philippe’s or Cole’s. Both are delicious,

The Reuben

We can definitely all agree that corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, and Russian dressing on rye is something magical.

Sloppy Joe

One of the few school lunch classics that still holds up today, the Sloppy Joe isn't just a sandwich, it's an experience that lasts long after you eat it

Italian Beef

Chicago's Hot Italian Beef sandwiches are legendary – double dipped in jus until the bread is spongy and toothsome, and packed to the gills with Italian beef, peppers, and giardiniera. 

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