Most Deceptive  Label FOOD

Low-carb and keto

List carbohydrates as dietary fiber, total sugars, and sugar alcohols. These carbs provide energy in calorie form for the body


Gluten-free" label is a voluntary addition by food companies, which could pose a problem for those with celiac disease


"Light" food products are usually highly processed to lessen or eliminate calories and fat. Food additives are used to enhance flavor during processing


Foods labeled as "natural" may be one of the trickiest yet. This term does not necessarily indicate that the food item is natural


Organic is another one of those feel-good food labels, but it does not indicate that the food you're eating is more nutritious


Low-calorie food items made by one company may contain just as many calories as their competitor's regular version of the same item


High fructose corn syrup contains roughly the same calories as sugar and has similar health risks

No added sugar

This term simply means that the product isn't processed with any sugar or sugar-containing ingredients


Low-fat. For instance, the product must contain three grams or less of fat per 100 grams, and have 30%


Fruit flavoring such as strawberry, cherry, orange, and lime are often created artificially to imitate natural fruit flavors


The FDA states that foods with this label must not contain more than two milligrams of cholesterol per serving


Sugar-free may be packed with fat and other fillers to compensate for lost flavor or texture when sugar is removed

No hormones

No hormones" label on dairy products to indicate that they do not contain synthetic hormones

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