Make healthy snacks when you're hungry

1.Instead of Soda...

This drink is full of empty calories and has no nutritional value or benefits. Whether it's diet or regular, both aren't ideal and can wreak havoc on your gut.

2.Try Minestrone

Opt for a brothy soup like minestrone that has a ton of vegetables to help keep you fueled and satisfied. 

3.Instead of Chowder..

Soup can make a delicious snack or mini-meal during the afternoon. You'll want to be weary of creamy soups that tend to have an excessive amount of calories and saturated fat.

4.Try Sliced Cucumbers and Hummus

Up your veggie intake by swapping out crackers with cucumbers. Plus, cucumbers are about 95% water so it will contribute to your hydration needs for the day. 

5.Instead of Crackers and Hummus

We love a good hummus for dipping. Crackers are always a go-to and certain varietie can be somewhat healthy, but they are often loaded with excessive amounts sodium.

6.Try Salsa

This veggie-powered choice is packed with tons of flavor and antioxidants, and it's virtually void of any saturated fat.

7.Instead of Cheese Dip...

Who doesn't love some good queso? But with all that saturated fat and excessive calories, it's not looking so great in the nutrition department.

8.Try Fresh Fruit

Nature's candy is always king and makes a perfect snack any time of day. Plus, they're excellent in a bowl of oatmeal to tide you over for the afternoon.

9.Instead of Dried Fruit...

Of course dried fruit is still full of nutrients, but it can be much higher in sugar than fresh fruit. Plus, certain varieties like cranberries are often dried with sugar.

10.Try Crispy Chickpeas 

You're likely getting croutons because you want that crunch. Opt for crispy chickpeas instead which pack a ton of plant-based protein and fiber, but also taste delicious.

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