Kitchen Counter Organization Ideas

Two-Tiered Lazy Susan

I love the bare wood look on this space-saving lazy susan  says Stacey Genaw, one of Taste of Home‘s set stylists. Its  design will blend in with most kitchen aesthetics

16-Cube  Spice Rack

 This streamlined kitchen counter organization spice rack allows you to clearly organize and display your favorite herbs

Bamboozle Composter

This sleek compost bin gets our stylists’ stamp of approval for its modern design and its carbon filter, which keeps odors locked in

Utensil Crock

Modern chefs will instantly fall in love with this utensil crock. It’s a multi-tasking kitchen counter organization tool that keeps your phone clearly displayed

 Bread Box

This bread box allows for storage inside and on top, making it a smart choice for small spaces

Produce Hammock

this does a great job freeing up much-needed space! And it’s so cute with its neutral design

Fruit Baskets

When kitchen counter organization space is limited, think vertically. These fruit baskets—available in either two or three tiers—increase storage space

Knife Strip

Save crucial drawer or countertop storage by sticking your knives to the wall. This knife strip uses magnets to hold your tools in place

Stacking Bin

Whether you hang this stacking bin on the wall or prop it up against your countertop, it’s a kitchen organizing idea that will save your sanity.

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