Things You Need To Collect For Making Strawberry Crepes!

Strawberry Crepes are beautifully light and easy to make.

A crepe is essentially a thin, delicate pancake, and you can find versions of it all over Europe.

With a tangy, honey-coated cream cheese filling and bright fresh strawberries, these strawberry crepes look and taste wonderful.

Strawberry Crepes Ingredients 

This recipe uses a combination of white whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour, keeping the crepes light and airy.

The crepes are always better with a little bit of sugar.

Despite being entirely optional, cinnamon brings a wonderful warmth to crepes.

It is the eggs and milk that add texture to everything and hold it all together. 

Butter is a key ingredient to creating a crepe that's melt-in-your-mouth good.

These Crepes will take you from breakfast to dessert with their delicious filling of cream cheese, Greek yogurt, vanilla, honey, and strawberries

Strawberry crêpes,  je t’aime!