Baked Alaska

You will steal the show with this beautiful and impressive Baked Alaska. With layers of ice cream topped off with toasted meringue, this dessert is perfect for a celebration

Far from intimidating, this show-stopping frozen dessert is incredibly easy to make

You won’t believe how easy it is for us home cooks to make this baked Alaska recipe

The idea of blow torching or baking ice cream may seem a little funny at first , but thanks to the magic of science, this frozen dessert never fails to impress

This recipe only requires a few simple ingredients but the critical component of this dessert is time

You’ll need to budget time to create the ice cream layer and freeze it multiple times. Luckily, this just means that a baked Alaska is the perfect make-ahead dessert

Ice cream — choose your favorite flavors! You can also use more than two flavors. Simple flavors will be easier to spread than chunky flavors

Pound cake — feel free to use a store-bought pound cake or try your hand at my easy pound cake recipe

Cream of tartar — this is an acidic salt that acts as a stabilizer for the meringue, allowing it to hold its shape once whipped up

Sugar — I use superfine sugar for the meringue. If you only have granulated sugar, run it through a coffee grinder beforehand to make it finer