Vegetables highest in 


Everything in life needs protein to live, and vegetables can be a great source of protein.

Peas are a super versatile vegetable that is surprisingly packed with protein. 

Along with being the second highest protein vegetable on this list, spinach has a lot going for it.

Like many other vegetables on this list, artichokes are packed with protein, fiber and many other nutrients.

Contrary to what some may think, sweet corn is a healthy food with impressive nutrition. 

There are so many reasons to enjoy avocados, from help with weight loss to boosting your heart health.

Asparagus is a high-protein, low-carb vegetable with an impressive amount of several nutrients.

Brussels sprouts pair fiber and protein with several vitamins and nutrients to keep you feeling full and nourished.

Mushroom's meaty flavor sets it apart from other vegetables. Not only is the flavor great, but also these fungi are higher in protein than several vegetables.

Potatoes can get a bad reputation, but they are actually a good source of several nutrients.