Herbs & veggies you can grow inside


Genovese, thai and other types of basil can be grown indoors via an indoor garden kit or just a pot with soil. Basil plants love warm, bright locations


Beets like their space, so if you’re hoping to grow a bunch of beets, be sure you have the room to space out the seeds a foot away from each other.


Growing broccoli indoors is a breeze, with as little as six hours of daily sunlight,You could even squeeze a couple of plants into a small space.


Carrots do best in comfortable temperatures and look best in loose soil—two things that are hard to control when Mother Nature is at the helm.


Chives are chill with six to eight hours of sunlight, six inches of soil,You can even grow them in the kitchen


Use a mixture of potting soil and sand, water thoroughly, and use fertilizer, if possible. Cilantro likes light, so aim for five or six hours of full sun daily.


Dill does well at room temperature; just make sure your dill gets six hours of vitamin D, plenty of fertilizer, and thorough waterings.


Whether you’re seeking the healing properties of lavender or just the scent, this purple plant can be grown indoors during the winter


Fresh lettuce can be a year-round option, even during the winter, as long as it still gets 10-12 hours of sunlight.


If you can opt for a wider, shallow container for your growth. Then, just put the plant in the sun.ive it some water, and don’t let it take over your home


You can plant them in deep pots or even start growing them in cups of water to watch the roots expand up close! However, onions like a lot of light

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