Healthy Sheet Pan Chicken

Ingredient BBQ Chicken

This dinner dish has all that tangy barbecue flavor without having to fire up the grill. Made using fresh broccoli florets, diced sweet potato, and barbecue sauce-smothered 

Chicken Fajitas

For this simple recipe, which can be ready to eat in just 30 minutes, all you need to do is throw some chicken, chopped bell pepper, and sliced onion onto a sheet pan and into the oven.

Keto Pesto Chicken

This easy-to-make recipe, which calls for boneless chicken breasts, basil pesto, and whole-milk mozzarella, is perfect if you are looking for a keto-friendly chicken dish.

Chicken with Vegetables

If you have a ton of vegetables in your refrigerator that are on their way out then we have the perfect recipe for you. Full of juicy chicken breasts and a medley of nutrient.

Balsamic Chicken

Crispy chicken, Parmesan potatoes, and roasted carrots join together to create a one-pan dinner dish that is perfect for those nights when you are low on time

 Lemon  Chicken

Homemade feta goddess sauce, made with Greek yogurt, grated garlic, and lemon juice, takes this easy sheet pan recipe to new heights. The best part is that recipe takes an hour to make

Easy Chicken Souvlaki

Bring Greece right to your countertop with this quick and easy chicken souvlaki and potatoes sheet pan recipe. Full of olives, creamy feta, colorful vegetables, and mouth-watering

 Ginger Chicken

This low-effort meal, which takes only 30 minutes to make, is full of healthy ingredients such as fresh ginger, broccoli, and sliced red peppers.

 Moroccan Chicken

This Moroccan chicken dish, which is made with seasoned sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower, and then served with a knockout feta dressing, is a recipe you will  eat every day

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