Health benefits of your favorite foods

Dark chocolate

The more cocoa that chocolate contains, the lower it is in sugar and the higher it is in polyphenol antioxidants that have been shown to reduce blood pressure

White bread

A healthy wholemeal loaf has 2.8g fiber per slice, but that doesn’t make white bread – with 1g of fiber per slice – bad for you

Red wine

As well as containing polyphenols linked with a healthier, more diverse gut bacteria population, a 175ml glass of red wine

Oven fries

Oven fries made with purely potatoes and sunflower oil are no more ‘processed’ than homemade roast potatoes or mash


Cheerios are fortified with at least 15% of the recommended daily intake of nine vitamins and minerals per small bowl

Baked beans

No need to feel guilty about making baked beans on toast for dinner when you can’t be bothered to cook. Half a can of Heinz Beanz counts as one of your five-a-day


Ham may be a processed meat but it’s a lean source of protein with less than 5% fat. Look for a nitrite-free version, like Finnebrogue Naked Ham

Peanut butter

How can a food that tastes so yummy be so good for you? A 30g (golf ball size) serving of peanut butter provides 1.5mg of vitamin E


Well that’s OK, because drinking the brew dials down the risk of contracting endometrial and liver cancers and is associated with less fat around the middle

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