Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

According to the Sleep Foundation, because of the way the alcohol metabolizes in your, the digestion of it can actually disrupt your sleep.

1. You'll sleep better

That's because digesting the alcohol can disrupt your REM cycle, causing your deep sleep cycles to only last 40 minutes long instead of 90 to 120 minutes long during a normal evening.

By giving up alcohol, you're allowing your body that good sleep it deserves. Plus, having a good night of sleep is closely tied to better health and weight loss

Although some people drink alcohol in order to relax and feel better at the moment, as time ticks on, alcohol can actually worsen mental health issues

2. You'll feel less moody

people face including depression and anxiety, according to the American Psychological Association. That's because alcohol is a depressant, meaning it's a substance that will calm your nervous system

According to Healthline, drinking regularly—especially wine coolers or cocktails that are loaded with added sugars—can cause uncomfortable gas and belly bloat.

3. You'll lose some weight

So what happens when you decide you're giving up alcohol for a while? Your body won't be as bloated, which can cause a decrease in weight.

By not consuming a regular depressant that can slow down your cognitive behavior, you're giving your body and brain a chance to focus better on the tasks

4. You'll be able to focus better

 that need to get done.By clearing alcohol out of your system, you're giving your brain a chance to really focus well. Even the slightest hangover can cause your brain function to decrease.

One study published by BMC Public Health states that people who drink more are likely to eat unhealthy snacks, convenience foods and sugary beverages.

5. You're less likely to eat unhealthy snacks

So by giving up alcohol, your body is less likely to crave those unhealthy snacks on a regular basis. you may have a sugar craving every now and then that a portioned bar of chocolate can easily fix.

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