Worst Guilty Pleasure Foods on the Planet


Belgian waffles tend to be bigger and thicker with deeper grids meant to hold even more syrup, butter, and cream, so that right there is reason enough to avoid choosing this

Fruit Juice

It's natural! What could be wrong? Well, while 100% fruit juice is a better pick than high fructose corn syrup-laden drinks like Sunny D, even the all-natural Welch's Grape Juice 


Restaurant Burgers

Even if you're a grill master, there are some burgers many people can't imagine never biting into again—and we totally get it.


Entenmann's isn't the only one with misleading labeling. Otis Spunkmeyer Muffins look healthy coming in at 210 calories per serving—and then you see there are two servings per muffin.

Boxed Mac and Cheese

If you have it in you to eat a mere 1-cup serving of Kraft's Three Cheese Mac & Cheese, you'd consume at least 600 milligrams of sodium—and that's not including your salted


Ah, the mighty donut! Whether it's the classic Krispy Kreme that melts in your mouth or an artisan dark chocolate variety from your local coffee shop, these treats are too tasty to resist.

Chewing Gum

Kinda. Point is this: Although the bulk of gum is indigestible, there are some ingredients that are: the sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners.


Processed meats are the worst of both worlds. They're typically made from red meats high in saturated fats, and they contain high levels of advanced glycation end products

Chinese Food

it is might surprise you: the Hot & Sour Soup bowl. One serving will fill you up with 9,590 milligrams. That's over FOUR times what the FDA recommends you consume in an entire day. 


Pancakes are one of the guilty pleasure foods of choice for many people at breakfast time. But you can easily feel less guilty by trying one of these healthy pancake

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