10 Frozen Foods Cook Perfectly In Air Fryer

Pizza Rolls

Bite-sized pizza rolls are a classic for a reason. Be careful not to eat immediately after they come out of the air fryer, though—the insides are often scorching hot directly after cooking.

Fish Sticks

Fish sticks are the ultimate retro treat, but we'll admit...they never really went out of style! These are totally allergen-free.

Chicken Wings

There are many wing debates to be had (buffalo vs. bbq, blue cheese vs. ranch, carrot vs. celery), but the main point is this: Wings are amazing

Potato Skins

Enjoy your favorite restaurant app in the comfort of your own home.

Pizza Bagels

Bagels + pizza = yes, please! Any and all toppings are welcome, but we're partial to pepperoni.

French Fries

Season these up with whatever spices/herbs you have on hand and be sure to pair them with a creamy dip. Why not go wild and melt some cheese on the top, too?

Chicken Nuggets

The children's favorite...and the adults', too! Don't skimp on the dipping sauces. We love ketchup, ranch, bbq, and honey mustard

Hot Pockets

The nostalgic after-school treat can also serve as a filling dinner.


Air-fried meatballs are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Toss them with marinara or a soy-ginger glaze to really take these to the next level.


As transportable as they are delicious. We love eating them with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.

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