This recipe, via Crazy for Crust is quick, simple, and endlessly customizable. The best part? You only have to wait 45 minutes for your pie.

French toast

This recipe, via Epicurious, leans heavily on vanilla flavors to pair with the delicious charred taste of the brioche.

An entire octopus

This recipe, via Food and Wine pairs the charred octopus with a spicy chile sauce, and it's one of the more visually appealing plates you're likely to make yourself. 

Beer Can Chicken

Sure, it may look... unsavory... but stuffing a beer can up the business end of a chicken actually results in some of the most tender and juicy meat you're bound to have.


Sure, you'll have to make the cake in the oven, but finishing a slice of cake on the grill and then topping it with ice cream really takes everything to the next level.


I'll admit it, when I saw this recipe for the first time on Serious Eats, I was confused as well. Grilled sushi? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? 

Ice Cream

An intrepid user over at Instructables created this recipe for grilled ice cream that protects the ice cream from the hot coals with a toothsome layer of meringue. 


You'll need a grill basket for this one so that the pasta doesn't fall through the grates, but finishing pasta on the grill adds a delicious smokiness to your normal spaghetti and meatball dinner

Beef Jerky

If you're tired of getting your beef jerky from the convenience store, you can make your own at home with your grill.

Bananas foster

Mmm, bananas foster. This classic dessert can be prepared on the grill as easily as it is on the stove, and if your bananas are medium ripe,they'll hold up to your grill without sticking

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