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 Ice Cream Brands Ranked Worst To Best

12. Baskin Robbins

I loved having a double scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone from Baskin Robbins and eating the wrapper. Ice cream's nostalgicness?

11. Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny's 56 flavours are similar (Bunny Tracks, Sweet Freedom Bunny Tracks, Loaded Sundae Bunny Tracks). "Sweet Freedom" tastes normal. "Bunny Tracks" Blue Bunny is tasty.

10. Umpqua

New Umpqua ice cream. 1.75-oz "premium" Umpqua (for now). Umpqua is cheaper. Umpqua is muddy. Add-in chocolate terrible. Umpqua in chocolate taste.

9. Breyers

Breyers' 50-year history means they can't fail. Breyers. You recall every flavour: feet in the water, ice cream on your arm - 95 percent of your friends' social delights.

8. Turkey Hill

"Premium" turkey without chicken (or hills). 39 sugar-free varieties. Banana Split, Choco Mint Chip, Cookies n' Cream, French Vanilla. 

7. Edy's/Dreyer's

Dreyer's and Edy's have been confused for a century. Joseph Edy and William Dreyer conceived this. Dryer's replaced Edy. Both founders' names are used.

6. Magnum

Rich Magnum bars may make you nauseous. Magnum manufactures Ben & Jerry's without chocolate shells. Magnum ice cream won't discolour Belgian chocolate.

5. Haagen-Dazs

Jewish Häagen-Dazs. Since Denmark backed him throughout WWII, the name sounded Danish. Name had umlauts. Reuben Mattus may have been onto something with this US-favorite brand.

4. Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's has 54 flavours, therefore they must all be average. "Americone Dream," "Chunky Monkey," and "Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!" Favorite beer?

3. Blue Bell

Cult brand. Blue Bell is rich and creamy. Additives don't enhance Blue Bell's taste. This brand's package says "12 Gal."

2. Talenti

Talenti could be compared to non-gelato. Gelato with less air than ice cream. Sweeter, quicker-melting. More milk reduces grease. Both were frozen. Thus, Talenti.

1. Tillamook

Tillamook creates cheddar cheese. Snow alone. Udderly Chocolate alternates light and white chocolate. Chocolate melts in a bowl. Soft-serve Tillamook vanilla.

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