foods to avoid if you want to lose weight

Breakfast cereals

Cereals and corn flakes are highly processed foods with no nutritional value. Overheating food prolongs its shelf life.


They're high in calories and sodium. Weight gain is definitely possible. Choose nuts and dried fruits instead.

Oat Muffins

Processed oat cookies disrupt the grain's well as Sugar and butter are added in this.

Brown bread

Market-bought brown bread has concealed sugar. Sugar and colour even affect its colour. Refined flour and yeast dry the body.

Pakaged Juices 

For greatest health benefits, eat fruits and vegetables whole. Juices are sugary and low in fibre, so they won't help you lose weight.

Iced Coffee 

Who doesn't appreciate iced coffee to stay awake and energise? Iced coffee has more sugar, fat, and calories than regular coffee.

Protein bars

Protein bars are manufactured and full of artificial substances qnd sugar. The Food Analysts, recommends avoiding snacks with above 200 calories and 8 grammes of sugar.

Low-fat snacks

Low-fat snacks look healthful, but many contain sugar and salt to add flavour and preserve them.


What's healthier than a salad? Most salads eaten outside are unhealthy due to oil and mayonnaise dressing.

Packaged soup

Packet soups are easier than homemade soups. Most commercial soups have excessive sodium and saturated fat.

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