Eat the best hot dog in every state

Alabama: Wacked Out Weiner

There's no right or wrong way to have a Wacked Out Weiner hot dog – take your pick from myriad toppings and dog combos. Options include homemade chili

Alaska:  Anchorage

International House of Hot Dogs is loved by Anchorage locals thanks to the easily customizable options and wide range of dogs and toppings. But there's one must-order:

Arizona:  Rollover Doughnuts,

Gourmet hot dogs, craft beer and house-made brioche doughnuts are the order of the day at this hot dog restaurant in Phoenix

Arkansas: The Original ScoopDog

Family-operated and consistently tasty, regulars just can't get enough of The Original ScoopDog's beef hot dogs. Favorites include The Atlanta Dog 

California:  Los Angeles

It remains an LA staple thanks to its inventive sausages, excellent craft beer selection and eclectic vibe. With three separate sausage menus – classics, gourmet and exotics

Colorado: Biker Jim's Gourmet

Denver's Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs has received plenty of attention. It also gets lots of praise from customers

Connecticut: Riley's Hot Dog

Riley's Hot Dog & Burger Gourmet. All of the hot dogs get rave reviews but two highlights are the classic Chili Cheese Dog with Riley's meat sauce

Delaware: Johnnie's Dog House

The hot dogs, Johnnie's has something for everyone, with dogs named after states and cities. As you're in the state, try The Delaware Destroyer

Florida: Sweet Dogs

Sweet Dogs is known for its outstanding service and the fact the dogs are named after sports teams. The most popular is the Miami Heat with beef chili, Cheddar, tomato

Georgia: The Original Hot Dog 

The Original Hot Dog Factory a customer favorite. A couple of standout options include the Hawaiian Dog  and the Detroit Coney