Easy Fruits And Vegetables To Grow

Carrot is a biennial veggie but grown as an annual, meaning they are harvested in the first year before overwintering and bloom in the following year


you have to be careful since birds, backyard ducks, and geese can demolish your crop. Make sure to install the fence and scarecrow in your yard.


Make sure to plant each bulb 2 to 6 inches apart. Make onion powder or saute them in spices; they will do wonders in both ways.


Homegrown strawberries are delicious and non-comparable to store-bought ones in taste.


You can plant raspberries and blackberries after the frost has gone. Ensure to select acidic soil and keep it moist until the seedlings establish.


You just need to select the suitable variety suited to your area and learn the right pruning technique. The woody perennial vines will be ready to fruit within 3 years.


Preferably, garlic is planted in fall to give it a head start in spring, though if you run out of time, spring is just fine for planting too.


Beets are incredibly hardy as they are among the first and last crops to harvest from the garden, beets are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.


Bush beans can be planted in rows, or groups, just as pole beans can, though they will need some kind of support to keep them off the ground.

Green Beans

Kale is a biennial. In the first year it produces an abundance of edible leaves, in the second year it flowers and produces seed.


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